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Teller House 

The Leaf Stage is an indoor, all ages venue on Eureka St. between Pine St. and Moriarty Ln. The building is a historic hotel in Central City, Colorado built in 1872. The bar at the Teller House is well known for the "Face on the Barroom Floor," a painting of a woman's face on the wooden floor, done in 1936 by local artist Herndon Davis, as a joke after being fired by the Teller House. The building then opened in 1991 as a casino, which operated until 2000. 

Teller Lot 

Fairgrounds Stage is an outdoor, all ages venue. Doors open at 3PM on Saturday. The entrance of the Fairgrounds Stage is at the Teller Lot on the corner of Eureka St. and Academy St.

Main St. 

Frenchman Stage is an outdoor, FREE, all ages venue which is positioned in the heart of Central City on Main Street. Adorned by historical buildings and casinos, it will host a number of vendors and bars for an afternoon of music in the streets.

Grand Z Casino 

Tips Stage is an indoor 21+ venue. It is located inside the casino on the 2nd floor on the west side of the building.

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