The Central City Experience

On top of the festivities Central Jazz will offer, Central City, CO, is a destination mountain town in itself. It was founded during the Gold Rush and has experienced waves of popularity over time, culminating with the return of Central Jazz Fest.

On May 6, 1859, during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, John H. Gregory found a gold-bearing vein (which came to be known as the Gregory Lode) in Gregory Gulch between Black Hawk and Central City. Within two months many other veins were discovered, including the Bates, Gunnell, Kansas, and Burroughs. By 1860, as many as 10,000 prospectors had flocked to the town, then known as Mountain City. With the draining of the gold veins came an exodus from town that dwindled over time. By the 1990’s, the town was experiencing a revival and welcomed casinos and hotels to it’s picturesque location. With such a rich mining history, there are a few mines still open for exploration, museums to journey through time, restaurants, shopping, and more to complete your Central City Experience.

hidee mine.jpg

Hidee Gold Mine

Visit an actual operating gold mine! Open 7 days a week, 9:30am to 4:30pm, tours at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 & 4pm subject to availability.

St. Mary’s Glacier

Take an easy hike around a glacial lake!

Golden Gate Canyon

st marys glacier.jpg

Walk the dense forest and aspen-lined meadows

Knights of Pythias Cemetery

Stalk the burial grounds of a secret fraternal order.

The Face on the Barroom Floor

An historic rebellious painting on the floor of the Bar in the Teller House

Ghost Town Disc Golf

Play a round before heading to the fest!


Mountain Menagerie

Shop Local in what used to be the largest market in Colorado!

Mile-Hi Rafting

For the rapid enthusiasts!